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Q. How did you get all of these essays?
A. We wrote every single one of them!  We are an educational research company that has produced more than 50,000 essays since 1994!  Every essay located on this site was written by our staff of excellent researchers - not by students! 
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Q. How do I find an essay relevant to my topic?
A. All of our essays can be found via keyword search or by looking through our list of topics.  It's completely your choice!  Use the keyword search option for specific queries or if you have a broad topic simply use our essay subject list. 

Q. What types of backgrounds do your researchers have?
A. AnalyticalEssay.Com has been involved in assisting students since 1994.  Our staff of researchers maintain strong academic backgrounds and a vast majority of our business is from repeat customers and the referrals that they give their friends.  Our vast inventory of research reflects the vast amount of our experience!! 

Q. What are your guarantees?
A. We guarantee that all existing essays will accurately match the description given on our website.  We are so confident in our work that we provide a free one page excerpt of any essay a student is interested in.  We also guarantee that customized research will match the request made at the time of order, or we will revise the essay at no additional cost to you.  The essay we provide you is also guaranteed to be completed by sunrise following the date you request or your essay is absolutely FREE!!! 
Q. Your on-file price is $9.95/pg but what do you mean by a page?
A. All essays sold at AnalyticalEssay.Com were written using the standard Courier 12 font, double spaced, with 225 words per page. We do not practice any unusual pagination or font inflation.

Q. Do I have to reside in the US to receive an essay?
A. You certainly don't!  The internet provides you with the ability to order an essay from ANYWHERE in the world!!

Q. How long will it be before I get the essay?
A. Not very long at all!  Even during our busiest season, essays will be delivered via fax or email within just 6-8 hours!  During less busy seasons the turnaround time will be as quick as 5-6 hours!  Is that not soon enough, don't worry!  We also offer a RUSH service that can get the essay to you in 3-5 hours. 

Q. Can I copy your essay?
A. Absolutely not!!  Any concepts, ideas, thoughts, or words that appear in OUR essay, that you use within your own, must be cited properly in your bibliography!  If you have any questions on how to cite AnalyticalEssay.Com in your essay, feel free to email us or speak to your instructor.

Q. How can I pay for the essay that I order?
A. Most of our customers pay with a major credit card.  Those that have more time to wait may mail in a check or money order with their order form.  Also, you can pay cash at any local Western Union location!  Please see the order forms for any details and instructions you may need.  

Q. Do you provide the essays in any language besides English?
A. Yes!  All essays can be translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, or French!  All translations are "rough" so we will include a free version of the essay in English as well.

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